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tv   Noticiero Univision Fin de Semana  Univision  September 16, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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kick it 20 yards and take your chances. that is what he is going to do too. >> cris: he's got a chance! how pretty is that? >> al: well, yeah. >> cris: kyle williams, after the two fumbles that cost them a trip to the super bowl last year, that was no easy recovery either. kyle williams had to make a sliding recovery. if this thing bounces around one time, the lions are going to get it. there is only one guy really with a shot at this one. he gets it but you could see the lions were right there. good recovery. >> al: 49ers almost daring them to do that. of course, now everybody awaiting who is going to go to the purell before the handshake. >> cris: a lot easier to do if you're the winning coach in this situation, which now jim harbaugh will be for the second straight year.
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>> al: you know what is going to happen? in about 20 years, that handshake last year in detroit is going to be part of a beer commercial. did you ever think dennis green or jim mora in the melt downs thought they would make hundreds of thousands of dollars from a beer commercial? >> cris: danny green. i have this vision. >> al: you can crown them. >> cris: yeah. crown them. >> al: the 49ers will need one more kneel-down and that is going to do it. and they will go to 2-0. the lions will go to 1-1. the lions take on tennessee. a home week for jim schwartz and nashvil nashville. the niners play three straight home games against buffalo, the giants and seattle in october.
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there is schwartz and harbaugh. we saw them shake hands before the game. handshake after the game. >> cris: they looked tough to me. the 49ers look tough to it me. look like an old ravens kind after team or a steelers kind of a team. >> al: wendy's postgame show is coming up next. the 49ers knock off the lions 27-19. . anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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after beating the packers by eight on the road, the niners come home and beat the lions by eight. now 2-0 after taking care of detroit 27-19. our stars of the game are alex smith who threw for two touchdowns and michael crabtree caught six passes and justin smith had five tackles and all three on the field with michele tafoya. >> michele: a chippy game, alex. we can see your nose. you took a big hit on the final drive. how did you good night fis through the all of that? >> the mentality is stay short sided and with you play at a time and not think too far ahead and defense played lights out and especially the first half. put them in the hole with the kickoff return and turnover and holding them to field goals all day long in the red zone and really helped us. just a matter of kind of plugging along on offense. ups and downs throughout the game. a great group of guys.
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speaks a lot to the kind of character we got. >> michele: you are flourishing under jim harbaugh. what is it about his coaching that works so well for you? >> it's these guys. michael making me look good tonight. had a bunch of great catches and making me look good, like i said. a combination of everything. i feel as a quarterback a reflection of the guys around you and i got a great group of guys around me making me look good. >> michele: you two connected well on third down with michael crabtree. what clicked remain there? >> third and long, backed up. get the touchdown. third and eight gets it again. all day long winning. when his number was called, he won. you know, kind of unsung hero. didn't get the touchdown but work horse all night. >> michele: congratulations, alex. go to you, michael. you came up so big on third and long on that final drive. why were you able to put yourself in position to be the guy in that clutch situation? >> just driving. whatever it takes to win, whatever it takes to keep the chains moving.
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really just doing what i have to do to win. you know? >> michele: there are a lot of you that can do it. vernon davis and frank gore, you all had big nights. how explosive do you think this offense can get? >> the sky is the limit. have a good quarterback in alex smith trusting us out there and really just making plays. we can go far, man. as long as alex trusts us and what he is doing and he is talented pretty well so, i mean, we just ready for the next game now. >> michele: michael, congratulations. thank you. let's turn to justin smith and talk a little about the defense. detroit has a potent defense. >> yeah. >> michele: until the end you guys helthem to field goals and the final touchdown. how were you able to stop this team? >> they came in and wanted to run the ball in the white box and did a good job of sticking with the run and running the ball. we were able to hold up on them and a team win. >> michele: everyone knows how talented your defense is but what about your mindset you think sets this defense apart? >> i think number one we have a
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lot of players and, number two, one game at a time mentality and we are able to get another one. >> michele: congratulations on another win, justin. thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> tony, the 49ers defense kept stafford, johnson and company off balance all night. they didn't score a touchdown until 1:30 remained. how good is this san francisco defense? >> well, it's very good, bob. matthew stafford was on a roll, 350-yard plus games and until that last drive, he was well under 200. they shut down aaron rodgers last week. they get pressure on you. they stop the run. and they force you into mistakes. and this defense can carry this team to the super bowl. they are getting great play from their offense and alex smith but this is a super bowl caliber defense. >> now to the team that kept the 49ers from going to the super bowl a year ago, the giants. it looked again like eli manning
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and his group headed for an ugly loss. eli had a very poor first half against tampa bay and comes to life and throws over 500 yards in the game and puts up 25 points in the fourth quarter. how does he keep coming up with the fourth quarter magic? >> last year it at the super bowl, rodney harrison says he likes eli manning better in the fourth quarter than tom brady. i think it's his composure. it doesn't matter if it's cruz or nicks or bennett. any of these guys. he believes in them. they believe in him. and this was a big, big fourth quarter win for them today because they would not have wanted to be 0-2 and going on the road on thursday. once again, eli manning just came up huge. >> tony, thanks again. see you next week. we turn to mike florio of profootballtalk. take us through some of the injuries today. >> the biggest came in foxborough.
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tight end aaron hernandez suffered an ankle injury. even though it's not broken he may miss up to six weeks. in st. louis, steven jackson the star running back left the game in the second quarter and speculation he had been benched after the game. coach jeff fisher said that he had a groin injury. for the giants, running back ahmad bradshaw left the game with a sprained neck. he says he is fine and have an mri on monday. david diehl has already had the mri and doctors will read that film tomorrow. the giants fear mcl sprain and not acl injury that could possibly knock him out for the full season. >> mike, thanks. get the latest nfl news from mike florio all week long by tuning into the all new pro football talk which airs tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. and every weekday on the nbc sports network presented by chevrolet. the niners beat the drooins. al and cris wrap it up after this.
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so we wrap it up in san francisco where the 49ers win it by 27-19. we talked about it a little bit in the fourth quarter of the game. it's baltimore and new england each coming off a pretty excruciating loss today. new england loses and baltimore loses. all of a sudden, a very important september game for each team next week. >> cris: you think what they did in the playoffs a season ago and how dramatic that game was. you have over what is the past decade arguably the best offensive team against one of the best defensive team if not the best, along with pittsburgh over the course of the last decade. and it's just a great matchup. ray lewis and tom brady going head-to-head. we are not going to get to see it forever. it's going to be fun. >> that is next sunday night on "sunday night football" from baltimore.
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coming up next, except on the west coast, your local news, followed by "dateline." t for our entire crew, good night from san francisco. you have been watching nbc "sunday night football." . [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening, everyone. the big story, it was quite the scene in downtown baltimore quite an hour ago. pictures of the world trade center. it was all to mark the anniversary of the movement that dot the nation's attention last year, occupy wall street. >> just weeks after the occupy wall street protests began, we started to see occupy baltimore protesters. some of the same protesters returned to the inner harbor to raise awareness. that group is an offshoot of occupied baltimore, a group of artists and activists. there was a group of digital images projected on the world trade center building. the images are meant to be
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iconic with scenes related to what they see as injustices' in baltimore. they took time to reflect on the movement'its impact. >> there are many groups that have been fighting for a long time. there are new groups that have gotten involved. prior to occupy, they may have thought that social change was not possible. >> last year, city officials evicted protesters on december 13. about 100 officers in riot gear ask them to leave and there were no arrests. although the occupied movement in baltimore has become decentralized, there are still those that are working to write social injustices. >> activity in baltimore has brought up scores of protests and demonstrations nationwide.
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hundreds of people marched in new york city at the site of the first camp last year. at least a dozen protesters have been arrested for disorderly conduct. tomorrow is the official one- year mark. they have established a people's will picket line at the new york stock exchange and have organized an anniversary concert. new talk that martin o'malley is walking and early path into presidential proving ground. he took a trip to iowa in a push to help elect a democratic governor. he denied questions that he was tried to make a good impression on activists. he also rallied support for president obama's reelection. president biden will go on i
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want to make the same push. a 9-year-old from east baltimore has not been seen in the city police are stepping in. roberts left his home yesterday afternoon around 2:30 that has not been seen since. and was wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans. anybody with information is asked to call 911 immediately. an investigation is under way into what sparked an early morning fire that took the life of a man. investigators responded around 5:00 this morning. detectives are not only trying to figure out what caused the fire, but how three of the people inside the home were able to get out unharmed. people are trying to come to
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terms with their sudden loss. >> we met them over a tthe ravens game. we took turns having the ravens game. he will not be there. >> fire officials say it is unclear whether the home had smoke alarms. 11 news is hearing about a city paramedic arrested for allegedly assaulting a patient. fire officials have not released the paramedic's name. here is what they are telling us. >> our preliminary investigation into the cause of this a llegation of assault, this memeber has been suspended without pay.
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this will have to go through the judicial system. >> the investigation continues into exactly what happened. steep -- city police are asking for the public's help finding whoever shot a man in broad daylight. that is where they found the victim suffering from a number of gunshot wounds. authorities rushed him to an area hospital. if you have any information on this crime, you are urged to contact city police. we are now awaiting the results of an autopsy following a suspicious death in north baltimore. a man's body was found inside of a car. that was around 7:15 yesterday morning. the men had been shot. they are waiting on an autopsy to figure out the exact cause of death. tonight there is more somber
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news from afghanistan. four more soldiers was -- were killed in what is seen as an insider attack. nbc reports from kabul. >> four u.s. service members were killed and two others wounded in another apparent insider attack. this took place in this province. according to an afghan official, americans may have banned duped by the afghan police to call for help. when the americans arrived, they turn their guns on them, shooting four. >> we take those incidents very seriously. we do the investigation together with our afghan partners. >> this year has been the deadliest year for insider
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attacks. at least 51 soldiers have been killed by their afghan counterparts. 8 afghan women were killed while others -- they were gathering firewood. nato has apologized for the incident saying that they mistook them for insurgents. president karzai issued a statement condemning the attack and he will investigate. >> the leader of the 11 non militant group is making a plea to protesters are bridge over a militant islam film. he is calling for more demonstrations against the u.s. film maker whom the insult for made against the prophet mohammed. he ordered the mostly islamic youth to not only expressed anger at u.s. embassies, but are urging leaders to act. he wants an international law
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making it illegal to attack any divine religions. closer to home as the chicago teachers strike enters its sixth day, from the manual says he is taking action to immediately and the work stoppage. emmanuel says that he has asked them to file a city in junction. the contract settlement was worked out over the weekend in the nation's third largest school district. schools will remain closed tomorrow. a silver lining for baltimore sports fans today. one half of the muscle on russell street pulled out the win. it was like a stampede at the maryland zoo. why hundreds were running wild. >> comfortable temperatures again. there was some rain on the way. there was some rain on the way.


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